Aleko Waterfalls

Although the most visited mountain in Bulgaria Vitosha still keeps its little secrets and hidden beauty from the tourists. We are now introducing you one of those places, which, although easily accessible, still stays away from more popular routes.

Aleko Waterfalls is a water cascade of three smaller waterfalls, situated on Skakavitsa River. Local residents know them by the names “Skakavitsa” and “Skokovete”. In 1910 the waterfall officially was renamed to the name of Aleko Konstantinov – creator of the organized tourism in Bulgaria. He visited them often during his walks around Dragalevtsi Monastery.

Today the waterfalls are protected natural landmark in Vitosha Park. The most famous and largest of them is located near the Panoramic (Lower mountain trail) route between Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo neighbourhoods. It can be easily seen and heard from the main road. The second waterfall is 30 meters away, and about a hundred yards away, along the path there are cliffs from which you can see a magnificent panoramic view of Sofia.

The third waterfall is located about a kilometre down the river. The path to it is not visible and it is more likely that you will miss it during your first visit, so it is advisable to walk close to Skakavitsa River. But it is worth wandering. The waterfall is only 5-6 meters high, but is a pleasant place to have a rest. Above and below it there are benches for rest and picnic.

The walk to the waterfalls can start as from Dragalevtsi monastery and from Simeonovo Lakes. It is light and almost has no displacement; it is suitable for all those who want to walk in Vitosha Forest, even if they have no touristic training.

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